Bald Guy Gear

Face It, you're BALD...and when you go outside whether you like it or not, your head may burn. At BALD GUY GEAR, we know the trials and tribulations of being bald. And we believe it's time to embrace the elephant in the room, your baldness and make sure to protect that beautiful head of yours from harmful sun exposure. Our BALD hats, beanies and more will let you own the room like you know you should. You're wearing this gear because...YOU'RE BALD.
Embrace it. Own it. Wear it.

Be Bald, Be Bold

Purchase our gear to rock your look and protect yourself

It's no secret - you're bald. Embrace the balding process by wearing it with pride. Bald Guy Gear is perfect for anyone who's follicly challenged and needs some extra protection from the sun.

Trust us, you can't stop balding - no matter how many infomercials want to tell you otherwise. So you might as well have fun with it. Our unique hats say "BALD" in big bold letters. Yep, that's right. You're bald and you know it.

A lot of people go bald. You can do it in style. Shop bald gear today.

No hair, don't care

Being bald can be a lot of fun. Showers are shorter and, with a little sunlight, you can send SOS signals when you're in trouble. Our merchandise is unique because it celebrates hair loss. Celebrate your bald pride by browsing our items today.

Our hats are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Claim your baldy status and show off an awesome sense of fashion.

When you wear one of our hats you can:

  • Protect your exposed head from the sun
  • Show that you like to have a little fun

    Our hats are a great, classic fashion statement that can make a perfect addition to any outfit.

Wear It Loud and Proud

Show the world that you're comfortable in your own skin

Protect Your Head

Bald Guy Gear is one of the only places that sells bald pride merchandise.

With our merchandise, the balding process can be a little less serious and a lot more fun. Be proud of your body and your baldness. Shop Bald Guy Gear today.